There are huge benefits when you have a EPDM Ruberoid Flat Roof system fitted by Barclay & Co.

These include, no stress failure from structural movements unlike traditional three layer felt roofs, also these type of roof systems can withstand all elements from extreme temperatures ranging from -50 to over 100 degrees.

With traditional three layer flat roofs, over time these will eventually break down, crack, split and deteriorate. Having a EPDM Ruberoid system fitted by us will last much longer than a traditional felt roof.

EPDM Ruberoid roof systems show little to no effect from extreme weather elements and temperatures. These systems can generally be installed over a couple of days (size dependent) of your roof and come with a free 20-30 year warranty depending on the thickness of material used.

We are approved installers of this type of roof system so you can be sure of a quality installation. We have installed many of these systems around the South West for both residential customers and corporate clients.

EPDM Flat Roof Systems have become hugely popular over the last 15 years and its not hard to see why. The performance and longevity of these systems is unbeatable and they are virtually bomb proof and can survive in all types of weather conditions.

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